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Whilst there are already quite a few cure calculators for bacon on this site, none allow you to choose your own levels of salt, sugar etc. This one enables you to do just that whilst still curing to either EU or US commercial standards...

Dry Cure Bacon Calculator
Total Weight of Boneless Meat gm
Are you curing to US or EU regulations EU
If you have selected 'Neither' how many mg/kg nitrite do you want in the bacon?
mg/kg is also referred to as PPM (parts Per Million). Amounts above 250 mg/kg will not be calculated.
Does the meat have it's skin on or off? Skin On
Skin Off
What is the percentage of Nitrite in the Curing Salt?
Typical values: Cure #1 = 6.25%, Europe = 0.6%.
Salt required in Meat %
Sugar required in Meat %
The results are:
This refers to the amount of salt - Kosher, Sea, Rock salt etc. This takes into account the salt in any cure. A negative figure means that the cure has more salt in it than the amount wanted in the bacon.
Sugar gm
The amount of Nitrite curing salt for your chosen level of cure, or the maximum amount permitted by the regulations chosen by you above is:
This refers to the mix of Salt and Sodium Nitrite. It includes Cure #1, Prague Powder #1, Peklosol, Sal Nitrite, DQ & DC Curing salt, Insta-cure etc.
The minimum amount of Nitrite curing salt that the US regulations say you must use is: gm
The amount of Nitrite curing salt we suggest that you use is: gm
Saltpetre is not recommended unless you are curing over long periods of time. The maximum permitted in the EU is:
N.B. Saltpetre and other nitrate based cures are not permitted in US commercial bacon.
Sodium Ascorbate or erythorbate (optional) gm
Total Weight of Cure (using the amount of cure suggested)
Click the button to print your results.

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Note: if EU or US is not selected, the calculator will default to using the EU regulations. If US is selected but Skin-On/Skin-Off isn't: the calculator will default to the US cure levels for curing skin-on bacon

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