Universal Cure calculator

This cure calculator can be used for measured dry cures or equilibrium brine (wet) cures. Measured dry cures are also sometimes referred to as EQ Cures.

It is designed for the experienced curer – those who will know to adjust the meat weight for any bone. Those who realise that meat takes a very long time to reach equilibrium in an eq brine.

They will also be aware of curing safely and using a sufficiently strong brine to protect the meat whilst it is curing when using a brine cure.

The input to the form is in grams rather than lb and oz. This is for purely practical purposes; for example, 2.5% of 1000gm is far easier to calculate than 2.5% of 2lbs2oz. It also uses weight for all measurements; this is because the volumes of solids are variable.

To convert US measures to grams you can use our:

US measures to grams converter

Dry Cure and Brine Cure Calculator
Input boxes require a number or zero
Total Weight of Meat in grams gm
Salt % required %
Sugar % required %
Nitrite % in Curing Salts %
Parts Per Million (mg/kg) Nitrite required
If you are adding Saltpetre:
Parts Per Million (mg/kg) Nitrate (if required)
For brine cures:
Total Weight of Curing Brine Required gm
Your results are:
Water/Liquid required gm
Nitrite Curing salts required gm
Saltpetre required gm
Salt gm
Sugar gm
Total gm

9 thoughts on “Universal Cure calculator”

  1. I’m afraid to say your salt calculation for the brine calculator is wrong. If you use
    Total Weight of Meat in grams = 1000
    Salt % required = 3
    Sugar % required = 1.5
    Nitrite % in Curing Salts = 6.25
    Parts Per Million (mg/kg) Nitrite required = 150
    Parts Per Million (mg/kg) Nitrate (if required) = 300
    Total Weight of Curing Brine Required 1000

    Then the result for salt is 55.5g
    it should be 60g
    This is only for information you site is full of good information.

    1. That would be the case if there wasn’t additional salt in the Cure #1. The calculator adds the salt in the Cure #1 to the added salt to calculate the total salt percentage.

  2. Hi Wheels,

    I can,t get hold of Cure #1 where I live. I have a product called Nitritex and they won’t give the percentage of Nitrite to salt ratio in their product. But the recommended dosage per kg of meat is 1gm per kg of meat. Can you tell me how Nitritex to put in a wet cure for 7kg of meat on the bone to be pumped and wet cured.?

    I will neex about 7 litres of liquid to cover the meat

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying – the dreaded Covid got me! I’m loathed to advise based on guesswork but whereabouts in the World are you? Do they have a maximum legal limit for nitrite in meat? If so, I’m prepared to guess if you have no possible alternative.

  3. First time curing meat. I was using your calculator and was unsure about what it meant. The meat is 1030 g and the nitrite level in the salt is 6.25. The calculator calls for 150 ppm of nitrite. So, is it calling for 150 ppm of nitrite or pink salt?

  4. This calculator has been incredibly helpful, especially since my curing salt is 12.5% & this was the first calculator that allowed me to adjust that. Thank you 😊

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