Universal Cure calculator

This cure calculator can be used for measured dry cures or equilibrium brine (wet) cures.

It is designed for the experienced curer – those who will know to adjust the meat weight for any bone. Those who realise that meat takes a very long time to reach equilibrium in an eq brine.

They will also be aware of curing safely and using a sufficiently strong brine to protect the meat whilst it is curing when using a brine cure.

The input to the form is in grams rather than lb and oz. This is for purely practical purposes; for example, 2.5% of 1000gm is far easier to calculate than 2.5% of 2lbs2oz. It also uses weight for all measurements; this is because the volumes of solids are variable.

To convert US measures to grams you can use our:

US measures to grams converter

Dry Cure and Brine Cure Calculator
Input boxes require a number or zero
Total Weight of Meat in grams gm
Salt % required %
Sugar % required %
Nitrite % in Curing Salts %
Parts Per Million (mg/kg) Nitrite required
If you are adding Saltpetre:
Parts Per Million (mg/kg) Nitrate (if required)
For brine cures:
Total Weight of Curing Brine Required gm
Your results are:
Water/Liquid required gm
Nitrite Curing salts required gm
Saltpetre required gm
Salt gm
Sugar gm
Total gm

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