Sausage Rolls

Having made the sausagemeat for rolls it’s a fairly simple task to make it into sausage rolls.

I prefer to use a rough puff pastry rather than a shortcrust or shop-bought puff pastry but these could also be used. I make the pastry using this quick rough puff pastry recipe.

I’ve dropped a clanger by not taking a photo of the sheet of pastry after it’s rolled out but I roll it to approx 250mm (10″) by 400mm (16 “). Square the edge off that’s nearest you. I will make 2 long rolls from this that I’ll then divide each one into 4 individual sausage rolls.

For approximately 100gm rolls use 170gm of sausage meat and roll pieces to form a long sausage to lay along the nearest edge. Then, lifting the pastry, roll it to just encase the meat. At this stage dampen the next inch or so of pastry with water (I think that water is better than egg wash for this) and roll the meat/pastry roll onto this. The roll can be cut away from the sheet at this stage.

The 150gm rolls that I made had roughly the same amount of pastry but had more than double the amount of sausage meat – I used about 370gm. I prefer the ratio of meat to pastry in the smaller ones.

You could use a thicker pastry for the larger ones by only rolling it 300mm – 325mm (12″-13″) wide and cutting 3 individual rolls from each long one. If you do this, use 230gm of meat per long roll.

It’s then just a case of cutting each long roll into four.

Then brushing them with eggwash; I used just egg yolk.

I cooked them in the fan oven at 190°C (375°F) for 30 minutes.

These are best eaten cold. For hot/warm ones I’d increase the spices/herbs in the sausage meat.

Sausage Roll and Mustard Seed Pickle

You can, of course, use this recipe to make smaller rolls for buffets etc.

8 thoughts on “Sausage Rolls”

  1. I’ve never eaten a British sausage roll so this will be new to me. When in the UK I’ve alway chosen a bacon butty over sausage rolls. I liked to serve these warm as I don’t think my American neighbors would like a cold sausage roll. What would the increased spicing be changed to for warm rolls?

    1. I wouldn’t serve them hot. Just warmed up should be OK as they are. You could make them with a more US-style sausage?

  2. Phil, If I put a US style sausage in there my English and Irish neighbors would revolt. It must be traditional. I will use your recipe and serve them warm/cold with an ale for Halloween ? (beer and sausage rolls for the adults and candy for the kids). I’ll keep you posted you it turns out.

  3. Phil, the sausage rolls in rough pasty were a big hit on Halloween! What a wide range of opinions, the Irish neighbor said they tasted a bit Irish, the English neighbors said it tasted “proper”, my Aussie and Kiwi friends said it tasted like old time sausage rolls from back home, and my father said it reminded him of the sausage rolls he had in Londonderry in the 70’s. Interestingly, the American neighbors were afraid to taste anything. Although it was cold on the porch, the English didn’t leave until the sausage rolls ran out. Thank you for posting a great recipe.

  4. i want to Wet Brine brisket WITHOUT REFRIGERATION!!
    How much salt do I need to keep the meat brining with the spices for a month??
    anyone know??

    1. It is not something that I would do, particularly at this time of year, so I can’t advise. Sorry. If I was in a position where I had to cure without refrigeration I would use a dry cure.

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