Cured Meat Calculators

Conversion Calculators
Universal Calculator
  • Universal Cure calculator
    A calculator for dry cures and also equilibrium brine cures. Coverts metric or US weights and measures.
Bacon Calculator
  • Bacon Calculator
    An off-site calculator for designing your own bacon recipe that complies to EU, UK or US regulations.
  • Mild Bacon
    A mild bacon – have it smoked or unsmoked.
  • My Favourite Bacon
    My favourite bacon with just the right amount of salt and sweetness.
Cooked Cured Meat Calculators
  • Dry Cured Corned Beef
    Cooking the dry cured beef including the recipe and calculator.
  • Black Ham
    A cooked black ham of the style made in Suffolk, England. Made using a traditional brine cure.
  • Pauline’s Ham in a Bag
    An off-site calculator for cooked ham made by the injection curing method.
Air-dried Meat Calculators

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