My Favourite Bacon

I recently posted a bacon tutorial that I wrote originally for a sausage making forum. The recipe used was an amalgamation of a few already posted by myself and others and as such, was a compromise. Whilst it makes very nice bacon, it is a little sweet for me. The recipe I use most regularly differs in that it’s saltier and has less sugar. The method and other instructions are exactly the same as in the bacon and dry curing tutorial.

For 1kg of meat use:

22gm Salt
8gm Sugar
2.4gm Cure #1
0.4gm Sodium ascorbate (optional)

You can add any herbs and spices you fancy. I generally add a minimum of a sprinkle of black pepper and thyme.

To calculate your cure easily you can use our:

My Favourite Bacon Calculator

Bacon Cure Calculator
Weight of Meat in grams gm
Salt gm
Sugar gm
Cure #1 (6.25%) gm
Sodium Ascorbate/Erythorbate
Total Amount gm

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