Lomo embuchado

This Lomo is made from the solid muscle that forms the eye of a pork loin. It starts by cutting the ‘eye’ from a loin of pork:

It was dry-cured in a vacuum bag with Spanish smoked paprika, black pepper and garlic for a couple of weeks:

The cured Lomo was rinsed and then dried overnight in the fridge…

…before being cased in a large collagen casing and tied:

It was dried at a temperature around 12 – 15°C with the humidity starting around 85% and dropping to 75% during the later stages of drying.

The resulting product is one of my wife’s favourites:

The recipe’s a simple dry cure:

Lomo embuchado
For 1kg of pork or pro-rata
Salt 25gm
Demerara Sugar 2.5gm
Saltpetre 0.17gm
Cure #1 – 2.4gm
Ground Black Pepper 7.5gm
Spanish Smoked Paprika 7.5gm
Large fresh garlic clove 1

Many will choose to use Cure #2 in place of the Cure #1/Saltpetre combination – in which case use 2.4gm per kg of meat.

To simplify matters, there’s a calculator for the ingredients here:

Lomo Embuchado Calculator

Lomo Embuchado
Weight of Meat in grams gm
Salt gm
Demerara Sugar gm
Saltpetre gm
Cure #1 gm
Black Pepper gm
Spanish Smoked Paprika gm
Fresh Garlic clove
Total (ex. garlic) gm
If using Cure #2 omit the Saltpetre and Cure #1 and use:
Cure #2 gm

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