The Thurlaston Sausage

This sausage is an amended version of the Every Day Pork Sausage that I posted a while ago. The first version is a nice peppery sausage that we all like a lot. The family, however, thinks this one is even better. Less peppery and with a more rounded flavour.

Bulk Seasoning Mix

60g Salt
7g Pepper White
5g Pepper Black
2g Nutmeg
1g Mace
2g Ginger
3g Mixed Herbs

Mix together well. This makes enough for more than one mix of the sausage below.

For 1kg of sausage
770g Locally Produced Pork Shoulder (about 20% visible fat)
80g Rusk or 105gm dried breadcrumbs
130g Water or 105gm if using breadcrumbs
20g Seasoning Mix (above)

For other amounts of meat, you can use this calculator:

Thurlaston Sausage Calculator
Enter the Weight of Meat in grams gm
Water gm
Rusk gm
Seasoning Mix gm
Total Amount of Sausage gm
Individual Seasoning Weights
Salt gm
Ground White Pepper gm
Ground Black Pepper gm
Ground Nutmeg gm
Ground Mace gm
Ground Ginger gm
Mixed Herbs gm


1. Mince the meats through the blade of your choice (coarse or fine). I mince twice through a coarse mincer plate.
2. Add meats to the bowl and add the seasoning, mix well.
3. Put rusk on top of the meat.
4. Pour the chilled water on top of the rusk so that the rusk gets thoroughly wet.
5. Mix vigorously until the meat mixture looks sticky. I really work it at this stage.
(this is myosin developing, the protein that sticks the sausage together & gives texture, rather like the gluten in bread).
7. If the mixture is wet or soft let it stand for a few minutes for the rusk/breadcrumb to re-hydrate.
8. Fill into casings.
9. Put into the fridge for 12 – 24 hours to ‘Bloom’ for flavour development.

Cook and Enjoy

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