Dry Cured Corned Beef – Preparation

My good friend Paul from North Carolina revised an injection cure to use as a dry-cure for beef brisket. He cooked it to eat on St. Patrick’s day in 2020. I thought of it the other day when we were shopping at a local trade wholesaler as they had brisket on offer. It seemed an ideal time to try something like Paul made without risking expensive meat.

I decided to stick close to Paul’s recipe – I trust him in these things. However, I’ve reduced the allspice and increased the juniper to take account of our preferences.

I trimmed the meat.

Then prepared the cure.

It looks and smells good.

I put the meat into a bag for curing before I rubbed the cure onto it. It’s less messy that way.

The meat will now cure for 20 days or so in the fridge. I’ll leave it for that long because saltpetre needs time to react with bacteria in the meat to do its job.

The results and cooking instructions are in this post.

2 thoughts on “Dry Cured Corned Beef – Preparation”

  1. Hi Phil – It’s been a while since I made some bacon & sausage and while checking the site for a refresh – thought I would have a go at this dry rub recipe for dry rub beef.

    Please advise if the 20 days and the quantity of ingredients is per kilo or to be pro rata according to weight of beef and is the 20 days the same.
    I have previously followed your bacon recipes and wondered if the 1 day per 13mm + 2 days rule applies

    Many thanks for your inspiration
    Best Regards

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