The Not Lincolnshire Sausage

This sausage formulation was posted on the forum. It has had a slight alteration by me. It was developed from a recipe that was originally supplied by the butcher Phil Groth to forum member Parson Snows with some adaption by another forum member, Oddley.

I have since been informed that the only herbs and spices in a ‘true’ Lincolnshire sausage are sage, salt, and pepper. This was supported by The Lincolnshire Sausage Association’s application for EU PGI status. So, this recipe is ‘technically’ not a true Lincolnshire; it is, however, a great recipe and a Lincolnshire sausage in spirit.

Firstly, Make the following sausage seasoning:

50g Salt 50%
5g White Pepper 5%
5g Black Pepper 5%
5g Grated Nutmeg 5%
2g Ground Mace 2%
3g Ground Ginger 3%
1g Ground Allspice 1%
15g Dried sage 15%
14g Cornflour (U.S. Cornstarch) 14%

Mix above together until even in colour.

For the sausage

1kg Locally Produced Pork Shoulder 50%
500g Locally Produced Pork Belly 25%
270g Water (Chilled) 13.5% (or 225gm if using breadcrumbs)
180g Rusk 9% (or 225gm breadcrumbs)
50g Sausage Seasoning (above) 2.5%


1. Mince the meats through the blade of your choice (Coarse or fine). I mince twice through the course mincer plate.
2. Add meats to the bowl and add the seasoning, mix well.
3. Add rusk or bread crumb.
4. Add the chilled water.
5. Mix vigorously until the meat mixture looks sticky. I really work it at this stage.
(This develops myosin, the protein that sticks the sausage together & gives texture, rather like the gluten in bread).
7. If the mixture is wet or soft let it stand for a few minutes for the rusk/breadcrumb to re-hydrate.
8. Fill into casings.
9. Put in the fridge for 6 – 8 hours to bloom (for flavour development).

Cook and enjoy!

For other amounts of meat, you can use this calculator:

Not Lincolnshire Sausage Calculator
Weight of Meat in grams gm
Water gm
Rusk gm
Seasoning Mix gm
Total Amount of Sausage gm
Individual Seasoning Weights
Salt gm
Ground White Pepper gm
Ground Black Pepper gm
Ground Nutmeg gm
Ground Mace gm
Ground Ginger gm
Ground Allspice gm
Dried Sage gm
Cornflour gm

9 thoughts on “The Not Lincolnshire Sausage”

  1. My wife will not allow me to buy sausages again after she tasted this recipe, we both love them so much I make them at least once a month now.

  2. Hey Phil, Happy Holidays to you and yours!
    Can you tell me what the purpose of the cornflour in the spice mix?
    Thanks, Dan

    1. Thanks Dan – Happy holidays to you too. The cornflour replaced an item that forum member Oddley removed from the spice mix – it was replaced rather than just removed in order to maintain the proportion of the other spices in the final product. HTH

      1. Thanks Phil, After doing some reading I think your corn flour is what I call corn starch. thanks for the recipe! Dan

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Ricky. I’ve no idea why it stopped working. I’ve reloaded the same page and it seems to work now.

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